Thursday, 5 December 2013

Additional VIP discounts for iHerb in December

Just got this in the mail:

Dear iHerb VIP Customer,
This December, enjoy the gift of extra savings, just for shopping with us-- an extra 10 - 12% off our everyday low prices! This credit is in addition to the net VIP discount you receive once you check out.
If the combined value of all your orders (minus shipping charges) placed in December totals $100 or more, you will receive credit inside your iHerb account equal to 10% of that amount.
And-- if the combined value of all your orders in December totals $200 or more, the credit will be equal to 12% of that amount.
As a VIP you currently enjoy the following extra discounts:- 5% off any order less than $60 - 6% off for orders of $60 or more - 7% off for orders of $70 or more - 8% off for orders of $80 or more - 9% off for orders of $90 or more - 10% off for orders of $100 or more - 12% off for orders of $200 or more - 14% off for orders of $400 or more (Note: due to airmail restrictions, discounts from 8%-14% may not be available to all international destinations.) 
You find out more about the promo from iHerb.

If you're a VIP customer on iHerb, it's probably a great time to start stocking up on supplies. I like to buy enough skincare and shampoo to use for a long time. Not only are there additional discounts for bulk purchases (for some items), you get extra discounts for spending over certain amounts. Of course, with the 10% rebate, it gets even better. I don't think there was such an offer last year so this might be the best deal of the year (or even past few years).

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Holiday Gift Ideas from iHerb

Not sure what to get for Christmas? Check out iHerb's gift collections for some awesome gifts to get for your favorite makeup junkie or skincare fanatic.

If you are a first time customer, use the code NEV841 or any of the banners on this blog and get $5 off your first order with no minimum purchase or $10 off an order of $40.

Not sure whether it's safe to buy from iHerb? Check out these two posts below before you decide:

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Organic Coconut Oil and Chia Seed Offer

If you are looking for organic coconut oil and/or chia seed at much cheaper prices than local grocery stores (or even online ones!), iHerb is having an offer right now until 13 November 2013. Use the banner below to get an even better deal with $5 off your first order (automatically applied to cart if you use the banner and are a first time customer).

If you have never heard of iHerb, read my short FAQ here or leave a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as possible :)

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Ship more from iHerb with SingPost, at the same low price of $4

I just got this in the mail:
Dear iHerb Customer in Singapore,

We are happy to announce that the weight limit for Singpost has increased to 14 pounds ( 6.35 Kilo Grams ) from the previous 10 pounds, while we have kept its cost at a flat $4.00!

Order $60.00 or more, and you will receive a minimum 5% discount once you are about to finalize your order.

Combine this with over 30 thousand brand-name discounted natural products in stock, for the best over all value in the world:
While it may not seem like a lot, it lowers the cost per item if you order up to the maximum. Some of my friends split their orders into two to save on shipping because DHL is too expensive for them. Now, they'll be able to fit more into one order :)

If you are buying from iHerb for the first time, be sure to use the coupon NEV841 in cart to get $5 off your first order (no minimum) or $10 off for an order of $40 or more.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

iHerb October 2013 Free Shipping Offer with SingPost

Just received this in the mail
Dear iHerb Customer in Singapore,

We're very happy to offer SingPost Shipping at no-cost for orders over $40.00!

SingPost has an average delivery time of just 5 business days and comes with tracking information.
This limited-time offer ends October 31st.

SingPost shipping is pretty reliable but there's a weight limit of 10lbs (around 4.5kg). Probably not so good if you're trying to ship a lot of groceries but skin care products should be alright.

Use the banner below to get $10 off your first order of iHerb (minimum $40 spent, and you'll enjoy free shipping too). The discount is automatically applied if you are a first-time buyer.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Free Sierra Bees Lip Balms from iHerb

iHerb is currently giving away free Sierra Bees Lip Balms and there's no minimum order.

You'll typically find lip balms in Singapore for $2 to $3 and since these are organic, they'll probably be selling at $5+ at retail stores. At iHerb, they're free for the first stick for now and if you want more, it's only $0.85 (USD) each. Yup, they're that cheap. In fact, some people have been reselling them online so rather than get your Sierra Bees at marked up prices from a blogshop, you should get them from iHerb. Also, if you're a first time buyer, using any of the banners on our blog or any links will give you a $5 off your first order (no minimum) or $10 off a $40 order. 

In case you don't know about iHerb, it's a US-based web site that sells groceries, supplements, skin care products and many other items that you typically find in Singapore. However, unlike the prices you see in Singapore, iHerb sells these things much cheaper because they get it directly from the manufacturer.

Is iHerb safe? (Well, if you ask me obviously I would say it is) I've been buying from it since 2009 and have never had a problem with it. Actually, I have had problems but it was resolved quickly. You can read about my experience with iHerb/getting a refund from iHerb here.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

iHerb September Promotions for Singapore Customers

Just received this in the mail today
Dear iHerb Customer in Singapore,

We are happy to announce our super low DHL Express shipping rates for the remaining of September:
A flat $8.00 for up to 8 pounds; $1.00 for each additional pound.

When you combine these incredible shipping rates with over 35,000 discounted, brand name natural products in stock, there is no better time to do all your shopping at iHerb!
DHL Express shipping usually takes about 3 to 5 days to deliver my iHerb stuff, so at this price, this is very attractive. Plus, with DHL, your shipment is trackable and insured and if anything goes missing or is damaged, it would be easier to make a claim or refund.

For first time customers, use the code NEV841 on checkout to get $5 to $10 off your first order, or use this link for the discount to be automatically applied during checkout.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Ending 31 July 2013 - Free iHerb Singapore Shipping with SingPost

I got an offer today which states that any iHerb order over $60 can be shipped with SingPost for free! This only lasts until 31st July 2013. So whether you're looking to try iHerb for the first time or already have an account with them, get your iHerb stuff now :)

User the banner below to get an extra $5 to $10 off if you are a new customer. The discount will be automatically applied when you checkout, or use the code NEV841

And here's the e-mail if you're interested. It has other offers too.
Dear iHerb Customer in Singapore,

We have several great offers to tell you about today!

• SingPost Shipping Deal! Any order over $60 qualifies for no-cost shipping.
This shipping method has tracking information, and is usually delivered within 5 business days. This limited-time offer ends July 31st.

• Free vitamin D! Read what some of the most famous health care professionals in the U.S. have to say about vitamin D, and get a bottle valued at $9.95 at no cost:

• Tea Sale! If you drink tea, try our amazing glass tea infuser with cup with purchase of any Just a Leaf tea: Normally priced at $15.95, order one now for as low as $2.95:

With over 35,000 brand name, discounted natural products in stock and direct shipment from our warehouse in California, we are confident that you will find iHerb to be the best source for all of your natural product needs.

See all current iHerb specials at:


Your iHerb Team 

Monday, 22 July 2013

Free Vitamin D3 from iHerb

If you take Vitamin D3 supplements, iHerb is having an offer now that gives you a full-sized bottle of Vitamin D3 softgels for free.

If you've never bought from iHerb before, it's basically a site that sells a variety of products such as groceries, nutritional supplements, and skin care products at very cheap prices compared to normal retail stores like Guardians, Watsons, NTUC, Cold Storage, etc.

They don't carry everything, but if you buy stuff like organic skin care or health food (i.e. gluten free stuff), you should be able to see similar brands on iHerb for at least 30% off. Shipping starts only at $4 to Singapore.

If it's your first order, you can also get $5 to $10 off with the coupon below (just click and it will be applied to your order during checkout or use the code NEV841

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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

How to Get a Refund from iHerb

Problems with buying from iHerb?

I have been buying products from iHerb since 2009 (and for a period of time, even bulk ordering to resell) and have personally made over S$1000 worth of purchase combined. 

Generally there have been no problems with buying from iHerb (and shipping it to Singapore) but sometimes, accidents happen, products get damaged and you may need to ask for a refund from iHerb. 

Every time I've had to ask for a refund, it has been successful partly because iHerb has awesome customer service, and also because I document all the goods properly when they arrive.

If you have any problems with your order and need to ask for a refund, this mini tutorial may help you.

How to ask for a refund from iHerb when product is damaged

  1. Always check your iHerb package as soon as possible after it arrives. This is important so that if any problem arises, you can document any missing item or damaged product and ask for a refund quickly.
  2. Use the printed invoice and the invoice in your iHerb account and go through them. Take note/copy the order number and names of the damaged product(s). You can find the invoice in your iHerb account at this page.
  3. Take photos of any damage done to the product. For example, these are some of the photos I took when one of the dried pasta packets I ordered arrived 'leaked'/burst open in the box.
    Notice the blue packet has a hole in it
    Pasta also spilled in the box which I took photos of
  4. Go to iHerb's facebook page and send them a message with your order number, the photos of your damaged item (can be uploaded to the message directly in Facebook), and the name of the damaged item(s).
  5. Optional: You can also send a message through their contact page but photos cannot be uploaded there so I recommend using the Facebook option. Also, they seem to reply more quickly to their Facebook messages. To avoid confusion, try not to send a message to both Facebook and Contact page (can be tempting if you're worrying about your damaged item ;) ) unless you don't get a reply from one of the options. If you send a message through their contact page, you can upload the photos to Dropbox, Photobucket, or Flickr and send them the link to the photos.
Using the above method, I usually get a reply from iHerb within the next working day (I think at most was a week) and they refunded the amount for the damaged item directly to my credit card (it might take a while to show up after they process the refund).

Sunday, 9 June 2013

SingPost Shipping Now Available at iHerb

Get your iHerb shopping shipped with SingPost

Update, SingPost shipping is now free until 30 June 2013:

Now through June 30th, SingPost shipping is free for orders over $40.00!

We are able to offer this introductory special by partnering directly with SingPost. 

Just got this in the e-mail today:
Dear iHerb Customer in Singapore,

We're very happy to announce the availability of SingPost at iHerb!

Orders shipped using this method will be delivered by Singapore Post.
At first, it will take 4 to 8 business days for delivery, however as the volume grows, we expect the delivery time to fall below 4 business days.

This shipping method is limited to orders with a value of up to $120.00 & a weight of up to 8 pounds (3628 gms.). Your cost will be between $6.00 to $10.00, depending on weight.

4 to 8 Days Shipping

This effectively means you can get your packages faster at a lower price. Previously, with their international shipping, you had to wait about 2 weeks (unless you opted for DHL which was usually $12 onwards, still cheap though if you have larger packages). For smaller packages under 3.6kg and $120, $6 to $10 shipping sounds good to me.

Click the above banner to go to iHerb and receive $5 off your first order with no minimum, or $10 off any orders above $40. Discounts automatically applied at checkout (you can see it before confirming your order)

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

iHerb Singapore Blog

iHerb Singapore is a blog with tips for buying from iHerb, product reviews, and various guides that show you what to do in case you have a problem with your iHerb order if you are in Singapore.
iHerb Singapore
Using the above banner gives you at $5 off your new order, no minimum order.
Orders over $40 get a $10 discount.

Is iHerb safe to buy from?

Definitely! I have been buying stuff from iHerb since 2009 and they have never failed me. Even when there were problems with my orders, it was resolved very quickly by their customer service.

What does iHerb ship to Singapore?

You can find plenty of skin care and beauty products, groceries (dried pastas, flours, etc), some kitchen tools, supplements, etc on the web site.

While iHerb is not based in Singapore, it does provide very cheap shipping as well as thousands of products that are much cheaper than local stores and supermarkets such as Guardians, Watsons, NTUC Fairprice, and Coldstorage. And yes, it's cheaper even after you add in the shipping.

How long does it take for shipping to Singapore?

If you use the cheapest option (US$4), it usually takes about 2 to 3 weeks. It takes just one week now that they've partnered up with SingPost. However, if you have a big order and use DHL to ship your stuff, it will take just 3 to 5 days. The cost for DHL shipping is based on weight, but it's usually quite inexpensive too.

What if I have a problem with my order?

It's very rare but sometimes iHerb does mess up your order. In that case, it's best to document what is missing and contact their customer support to get back your stuff. A guide on how to document any missing, damaged or incorrect items will be uploaded soon is available here. If it's urgent and you need help, leave a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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