Tuesday, 16 July 2013

How to Get a Refund from iHerb

Problems with buying from iHerb?

I have been buying products from iHerb since 2009 (and for a period of time, even bulk ordering to resell) and have personally made over S$1000 worth of purchase combined. 

Generally there have been no problems with buying from iHerb (and shipping it to Singapore) but sometimes, accidents happen, products get damaged and you may need to ask for a refund from iHerb. 

Every time I've had to ask for a refund, it has been successful partly because iHerb has awesome customer service, and also because I document all the goods properly when they arrive.

If you have any problems with your order and need to ask for a refund, this mini tutorial may help you.

How to ask for a refund from iHerb when product is damaged

  1. Always check your iHerb package as soon as possible after it arrives. This is important so that if any problem arises, you can document any missing item or damaged product and ask for a refund quickly.
  2. Use the printed invoice and the invoice in your iHerb account and go through them. Take note/copy the order number and names of the damaged product(s). You can find the invoice in your iHerb account at this page.
  3. Take photos of any damage done to the product. For example, these are some of the photos I took when one of the dried pasta packets I ordered arrived 'leaked'/burst open in the box.
    Notice the blue packet has a hole in it
    Pasta also spilled in the box which I took photos of
  4. Go to iHerb's facebook page and send them a message with your order number, the photos of your damaged item (can be uploaded to the message directly in Facebook), and the name of the damaged item(s).
  5. Optional: You can also send a message through their contact page but photos cannot be uploaded there so I recommend using the Facebook option. Also, they seem to reply more quickly to their Facebook messages. To avoid confusion, try not to send a message to both Facebook and Contact page (can be tempting if you're worrying about your damaged item ;) ) unless you don't get a reply from one of the options. If you send a message through their contact page, you can upload the photos to Dropbox, Photobucket, or Flickr and send them the link to the photos.
Using the above method, I usually get a reply from iHerb within the next working day (I think at most was a week) and they refunded the amount for the damaged item directly to my credit card (it might take a while to show up after they process the refund).


  1. Hi
    Just this week i have opened my coconut oil ordered from iherb and 3 bottles turn out to be bad. Has foul and plastic smell when i cook it. I have written in for refund and was requested to send back the 3 bottles of spoilt coconut oil. And Singpost rate to USA is S$80. Which is close to my purchase item. Do you have any idea how to ship cheaply to usa? Tks.

    1. Hi, is the amount you quoted for SingPost's Airmail or Surface mail? Surface mail is much cheaper but will take many weeks. Have you tried contacting support again and letting them know that it is too expensive to ship back? If you contacted iHerb previously by e-mail, I would try sending a message/posting to their Facebook page to explain your situation. (You might get a customer service officer who's more understanding). Also, would you mind sharing which coconut oil you bought?


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