Tuesday, 30 July 2019

My iHerb Review and Haul July 2014

It's been some time since I did my original iHerb FAQ / mini review so I thought I'd do an updated one with photos of my recent order and answer a few more questions.

What is iHerb?

For those who are new, iHerb is a US-based site that ships to Singapore. You can find lots of groceries, supplements, skin care and makeup at wholesale prices. They use SingPost (usually takes one week to reach you, US$4) or DHL (US$8+, takes about 3 - 4 days) to ship and are very reliable. I have been buying stuff from iHerb since 2009.

Are there any discount codes?

Using the code NEV841 gets you USD5 discount off your first order of any amount (yes, even $5, so you can get your order free and just pay shipping).

Can packages go missing?

I haven't had it happen to me for the past 5 years. Plus you can use SingPost now and there's a tracking number with every package.

What if I'm not/no one is at home to receive the package?

Your order gets delivered straight to your home but if no one is around to receive it, it'll go to your nearest SingPost branch and you can collect it on the next working day. The postman will leave a card that says when and where you can collect it.

Do items get damaged?

Yes, but very rarely. I've only had it happen a few times in the past 5 years and I've written a post on how you can get a refund from iHerb if that happens.

Does iHerb ship anywhere else?

Yes! To lots of different countries including Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia and so on. You can ship surprise packages to your relatives or friends who are overseas if you wanted to :)

What I got recently (Jul 2014)

You can't really see anything in this photo but I just wanted to show how properly it was packed. Lots of aircushions (is that the right term?), brown paper and other packing material to make sure your items are safe.

I got a bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar for just US$3.88 before discount. After discount, it was about US$3.50 (S$4.40). The exact same bottle costs you S$6.50 locally (source). The apple cider vinegar comes in a glass bottle so to protect it, iHerb put it in extra packaging that kind of resembles egg carton cardboard.
Jarrow Formulas' whey protein for the weight lifer at home ^^ at US$26+ (S$32+); He picked something that had great reviews. If you buy whey protein from GNC in Singapore, it's at least $43++
Questbar protein bars in Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor. 12 bars cost US$26+, I tried one and it really tasted like cookie dough. Not bad for something with just 1g of sugar.
Bought the Madre Labs Refining Micro Polish to try. Unfortunately, it has been discontinued. 
 I got the Sierra Bees Bumpy Road Salve when it was going for just $1 in a promotion. The promo is already over but you can find more cheap stuff on iHerb on their special's page.
A sprouting jar. I couldn't find something like this in Singapore, but it's only around S$7 on iHerb before additional discounts. You could technically create a makeshift one with any glass jar and a mesh top though.

Just a quick reminder to everyone that iHerb's free shipping offer to Singapore ends on 31 July 2014. If there's anything in your cart right now or if you'd like to order groceries, skin care, and health supplements at cheaper prices than local retail PLUS get free shipping, make sure you place your order before the end of the month.

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  1. Never Buy from iHerb.com they are not sending the product to the customers, and when I asking for my product they said we sent it but I didn't receive the product and when I am asking about if you are not able to send the product kindly to refund my amount they didn't reason is when we revised the return then we return if you are not sending the product how can I return. so I suggest you don't buy anything from iHerb.com any product I lost my $47.


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